MyBrainCommands Experiment

Are you intrigued to learn how your brain controls your limbs? To study the way brain waves can be converted into digital commands? To try to interact with virtual environments by only using your thoughts ?

Come and help our researchers from the Department of Computing at Imperial College London to find out together!

About The Experiment

We will record your brain waves while you engage in simple tasks. These include real and imagined movements of the extremities, and a game which uses movements as controls.

The collected data will be used to train algorithms that can be used for many things, such as facilitating navigation in virtual environments, seamless user interaction with objects in computer gaming or even rehabilitation training of post-stroke patients towards regaining the ability to control their limbs.

The project received approval from the Research Governance and Integrity Team (number 22IC7505). The sponsor of the study is Imperial College London.


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There is a small gift of £30 to every participant

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New video from Imperial startup shows VR game controlled by thought

The video is the first time the company, launched last year, has publicly shared a demo of its brain-computer interface, which allows users to perform actions such as moving a VR (virtual reality) hand merely by mentally willing the hand to move....

06 July, 2022 Posted by Imperial College London

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